Friday 2 September 2011

The Dog Legion

Following a resounding victory in the Teutoburger Forest, the Roman Empire expanded at a rapid pace, taking into it´s borders the whole of russia and the far east.
Now some 3000 yrs later the world has fallen into a terrible civil war that has lasted some 70 yrs and poisoned great swathes of the planet in poisonous gases.
Here we see a member of the elite Legio Canus IX. After the successful 4 year long battle of Newyork, the Legio Canus IX was recalled to retake Paris and the surrounding flood plains.
Motto of the Legio canus IX "come back carrying your body bag or wearing it!!"
The trooper wears the type 65 GT helmet, Mk 47 gladius, Kevlar shoulder pads and greaves.
 Ration packs supplied by Burger U..I´m eating!!, Oxygen tanks by Pro-pain inc. Uniform By Gangreen Chemicals Corp