Friday 27 January 2012

Atlantic Roman Chariot

I know...they didn´t use them for warfare and it looks way too fancifull for a battlefield anyway, but this set was one of my all time favourites some 30 plus years ago. I can still picture it crashing through the Airfix celts, who were being supported by Robinhoods men, atlantic greeks  and various other "they will do to fill the line" troops.

One bath in brakefluid, a new whip from a bit of copper wire and an acrylic paintjob. I haven´t added traces or reins...I didn´t want to make holes etc as the set can still be obtained..but only for silly money.

Hello to Landser83, from Oh! What a lovely war! blog  He´s only just started blogging but he´s done some lovely line drawings of WWII subjects.