Thursday 15 March 2018

Swiss Pike block

A loooong time in the making,  over 5 years,  as can be seen HERE and  HERE, but it´s finally finished. Painting the last 8 bods to fill the ranks wasn´t the Problem...what put me off was the basing.
47 bods from a range of makes, Strelets, RedBox, UltimaRatio, there´s even a Zvezda bod in there.
I´m not too sure about having the flag so far back but putting it there fits in with the placing of the flags in the Burgundian Pikeblocks.
The Hornist who originally  carried a flag but was converted as can be seen HERE

The only Zvezda Bod can just be seen to the right of the second rank (White feathers and Torse)
He´s from the Medieval Field Powder Artillery set (Bod on the right, 3rd row from top) and had a head swop using a head from the Zvezda French Knights set. 
Point of contact!!!
Another swiss pikeblock is planned..this time Bern...hopefully it won´t take another 5 years to complete.