Saturday 30 April 2011


The last letter of the A-Z challenge and it gave me a bit of a headache. The word Zealot has got a bad name but basically all it means, in it´s original Greek form is emulator, a fanatical follower.
This lot are Taborite/ Hussite Priests, a fanatical lot, very puritanical and the driving force behind the Hussite wars (1420 - 1434)
The standard bearer holds the hussite "chalice flag" but stupidly I didn´t get it in shot
Based for Impetus.
Thanks to Arlee Bird of Tossing it out Blog, for the idea and running of the A-Z Challenge...and congrats to all who have stayed the course :-D
A another go  Next year?? :-D

Friday 29 April 2011

Young Guns.

I was going to do a cowboy twirling a lasoo and call it Yippee yahay!! but couldn´t find the cowboy!!!! When he turns up the lasoo will be thrown over the nearest branch.
These pair came in a Hong Kong no-name, Cowboys and indians bag from a seaside resort. What they think you´ll be doing with them on the beach beats me. The best copies of the 1/32nd Airfix cowboys I´ve come across.

Thursday 28 April 2011

X marks the spot

Probably the easiest treasure hunt Jack tar had ever taken part in.

Wednesday 27 April 2011


After trying a couple of other methods...I tried this;

A Fairy (mind you, with a face like that there must be a bit of troll in the family somewhere!!!!)
An evil Pixie!!!
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Tuesday 26 April 2011


The skirmish line troops for the Polybian Roman Legions. Armed with light javelins, called hastea velitares, they would form a screen in front of the main body of the legion, harass the enemy forces and attack any enemy chariots or eles.
Hello to Melissa J Cunningham, a writer, whose work can be seen on her Blog, A writers reality.

Monday 25 April 2011

Ugly !!!!

This was my first and last attempt at sculpting.. :-D

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Sunday 24 April 2011

Airfix Guards Band

The absolute Grand daddy of plastic sets, This set was released 51 years ago !!!!! I remember it being my very first set as a nipper, that and the Airfix Guards Colour Party. I used to spend hours lining them up along the hall....great fun. :-D
The drum, not the big one, had to be replaced...lost many years ago :-(
I´ve posted this lot before, but now they have been placed in thier natural habitat. 
" yiiiiiiiiii´s ...........LEFT!!!!!! "

Hello to Baxterilius from Frozen Gamer AK. There´s some very large battles  (amongst ohter things) to look at  and he also has a Youtube page...his X-mas greeting is well worth a look...very funny!!!!! :-D

Saturday 23 April 2011

Tortoise Red, Tortoise Blue

The Blue Testudo is from the Zvezda Roman Imperial Legionaries  This set comes with a "to build" 
testudo .

The red testudo is a self made one, using the bods from The Esci / Italeri Roman legion /Roman infantry

Friday 22 April 2011


A couple of scorpians that I did a couple of years ago for wargaming.
Italeri Roman inf set 6021  converted to crews
Hat Roman catapults set 8035 with conversions
Esci Roman legion set 224   with conversions
In those days I painted every shield by hand.
The whole "batterie"
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Thursday 21 April 2011

ROMANS !!!!!

But not just any model romans...these were hand made by yours truthfully about 8 years ago so  my then 5yr old son could invade the garden with a easy to handle legion. (and what happened ? Playmobil nicked the idea!!! :-) ) The whole lot are made from old wine corks and the bits and pieces are made from cardboard, yoghurt pots and bits of old T-shirts.
The junior officers
Centurian Korky and Legatus Quercus Suberinus
The lads

The very first legionary I made, Timmydus. Alongside a playmobil legionary, Timmy Looks a bit overawed

Wednesday 20 April 2011


What else begins with Q and is a model??? :-D
Hello to abdul666. He runs a blog called MCristo by LaceW which is concerned with the Imagination state of Monte-Christo...and he also contributes to Emporor vs Elector, a collective blog of Lace war Imaginations. These are all great soon as I find a set to represent some of the characters from the TV series,  Flashing blade   I´ll set myself one up. :-D

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Pig Flu

As Mr Jenkins stepped out of his car, he froze in horror!! "Respirator or not" he thought to himself, "will my suit stop a savage snouting!!

Monday 18 April 2011


A couple of scratch built onagers from a while back. The white crew are converted Hat greek  catapult crew.
The red crew are from orions roman seige troops.
Hello to jmilesr...from Lair of the Uber his words, "This blog will will contain my rather pedantic ramblings on my experiences within the miniature war gaming hobby. There will be informative how-to’s, thrilling battle reports and thought provoking editorials. I fully expect that history will one day view the contents of this blog on par with Homer’s Illiad or Newton’s Principalia. Or it's a complete waste of time."´s not a waste of time.
Hello to Billiam Babble...who has two blogs, Adventures and shopping, whrer he reviews RPG games and products and the other, Linked Adventures, where he shows his RPG card modular game pieces

Sunday 17 April 2011

Paper Halberds

Strange how things happen sometimes. I was painting up the Miniarts Swiss infantry and I wanted to add a few halberds to the mix. The ones that come with the set, like the pikes provided...are in a word..crap.
If you want to use them you have to fit them with a "collar/sleeve" affair which doesn´t really hold...and looks bloody awefull. I tried to weld the halberd heads onto the florist wire but no joy.
Anyway..I came up with a solution and got on with it, and at the more or less the same time,  so did Will from Will´s Wargames!!!
The same idea!! :-D

This is my solution.
First the stuff needed. Normal Paper, a length of Forist wire 0.5mm, a sharp blade, some wood glue and some liquid plastic glue. By liquid plastic glue, I mean the stuff that is used in Kit making. I used both Pattex and Revell, both had the same result.
Fold a bit of paper, open it up and smear with  woodglue. Lay the florist wire  on the paper and fold the paper over, glueing the wire between both sides.. I´ve found the maximum length of wire than should be glued in is 0.5cm´s...any longer and it looks a bit daft. Press the paper as close as possible along the sides of the wire using a thumbnail.
When fully dried, use the sharp blade to cut out a halberd shaped head. When you´ve got the right shape and size, soak the head in liquid plastic glue. This (like with the toiletpaper cloaks) makes the paper turn virtually into plastic, and when that´s fully dried you can shave any little bits off as you please
Attach to the bods and paint. 

Saturday 16 April 2011

NO Chance!!!!

Poor Valerius the Velite is about to get a lot wider...but also a lot thinner!!
The last thought that flashed through Valerians head was "That ele´s tusk needs a filling"

Friday 15 April 2011

Macedonian Phallanx (Hat)

Actually, more than one...more like a macedonian battle line with 3 Phallanx´s ( is that the correct term for more than one Phallanx!!?) On the first bunch I used decals from LBMS, the others got a "silver shield"  paint job...which looks very bronze like in the pics.
Every one of the 144 Sarrissas is 7.4cms long, cut from 0.5mm wire, dipped in wood glue to create a spearhead and then welded to the bod.
Hello to Matt from FilmMattic Blog. He reviews those classic films like The godfather and lawrence of Arabia. He´s also taking part in the A-Z challenge and I can´t wait to see what he´ll come up with for X and Z :-D