Sunday 22 December 2019

Jeanne d’Arc la pucelle

I knew I´d painted her but pics of her are hidden in the depths of the blog (or gone with the demise of TinyPic.*)  and only recently did I find her again in the depths of one of the storage boxes.
She deserves her own post so here it is.

Of Course she gets added to the Medieval Lords and Ladies list, and she brings the females represented up to a total of 4 from 124 personalities.
Shamefull state of affairs really, considering how many (in thier own right) successfull, influencial and powerfull females there were in the medieval period.

She was, even taking some of the stories with a pinch of salt, an amazing Person.
The site  Jeanne d’Arc la pucelle from which I´ve borrowed the titel for this post,  is an exceptional Collection of stuff about her. Well worth a look if not a read.

*A Problem I am slowly but surely rectifying by replacing the downed links from back up files..a laborious  Task. Some Posts will eventually be deleted due to minimal or irrelevant content, 10 or more have already gone.
Oddly, the pics still Show up on searches, just Nothing to see when linking to the blog.