Friday 19 July 2013

Ancient roman wagon MkII

The last one was more of a taxi, this one is more a Family  wagon, a one door hatch back, 2HP.
The most complicated part was the Suspension. Even though The straps are black, they aren´t meant to made of iron but black leather.
All the Little rings were handmade using the "chainmail " method and all the "ironwork" is made from thin card.

Getting the cabin to sit evenly on the Suspension straps was nearly impossible but a solution was found....simply cut a sheet of plastic to size, insert between the straps and the undercarriage and the cabin could be glued on using quite a bit of force without tearing the straps off or breaking the holding Posts.

The "Sports" and the "Family" Versions next to each other.
Finally, it´s the Weekend, the order has been completed on time  and the carriage builders from the woodworkers firm Plancus et Filius can go home.