Saturday 29 February 2020

Housecarls of King Harold - Strelets

One of the "unique" sprues (the Brown plastic ones) from the Stamford Bridge big box set or,  as they were later brought out as  a set of 4  "normal" sprues in the Housecarls of King Harold M141.

14 bods on the sprue, one of which is a Streltsi Bonus Bod. He does have a dark ages look to him and I ´m considering using him as is or transplanting the arm holding the eagle onto another Bod. Time will tell.
Tiny bit of mold lines to deal with but it´s minimal.
I replaced the banner as it looked too Viking like and replaced it with a more Saxon looking flag.
As with the "unique" Viking  sprues in the big box set,  the poses don´t lend themselves to creating a shieldwall. Two of them can be used for such but that´s all.
I went for a slight Colour scheme of blue/White to give them an elite unit look.

Close ups
Command Group. The bod with his Sword raised doesn´t really say King Harold to me so I will use the Crown wearing bod from the second Unique Vikings sprue from the Stamford Bridge box set
Some of the grunts