Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Medieval niceness

Lots of new medieval themed goodies either coming soon or just out!!
First an addition to the Medieval Town guard /proclamation set from Alex
An in progress house from Fredericus -rex...which will also become a museum piece in the german town of Soest
A trebuchet..also from Fredericus rex..this has been released.
From Kamar...all available now:-D
Dancing Bear
Darkages/medieval army on the march
And from Valdemar .a large medieval Cog

Enough to keep me going over X-Mas :-D

Monday, 28 November 2011

Hussite artillery (Upgrade)

I´ve added another  gun to the Hussite army..this time the Veuglaire from the Zvezda Medieval field Powder set.
Would the Hussites been in possesion of such a weapon???
Maybe not but it looks bloody good so why not?:-D
The previous RedBox gun was painted along with the crew OOB..
This time I´ve swopped some heads from the Airfix Robinhood set and the Italeri English Knights and Archers set.
 Both guns together

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Norman shield wall

Made up using bods from Strelets sets and the HaT El Cid spanish Infantry set. The Strelets bods are due to holding thier shields to the front, good for creating the centre of the wall and the HaT bods, holding thier shields to the left or right can be used to close the flanks.

The right and left flanks
Hello to RazorOne223 from Miniature Wargames Junkie Blog. He has a Painting service which is no wonder looking at his "rushjob" painting 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hussite Infantry (RedBox)

On the PSR review they get a pretty decent score..and I agree with it.  PSR  says that the set comes only in silver plastic..mine were cream coloured and the flash mentioned at PSR was virtually absent on my set of bods.
Some great poses and accurate weapons etc..a couple of the heads are a bit small but a transplantation will sort that...;.D
So, the bods painted OOB
None of them have been based as some are going to catch the bus...get put in the wagons and the rest are being added to another lot to create an infantry block.......or two.
The "missile" troops.
Flails and nasty clubs (sounds like a 70´s punk band...) Damm!! There´s that goose again!!!
Viscious pikes and what looks like a zulu club!!
Hello to Atreides from Marechel a 1:72..anotherfan of 1/72nd bods and all things attached. I painted about 7 from the 90 HaT El Cid Spanish inf...he´s painted the whole box!!!!!! :-D
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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Miniart Hussite Wagons

Ok...the bods in the set are quite Ugly...but the wagons are ok.

Stakes from toothpicks, the Pavisen made like this
"Gods word is truth"
The axles?? The set comes with the axles either bent or they break off  so i just replace them straight away with wire. Cut to length, heat up and weld into place. The holes in the wheels need redrilling as do the holes in the staves that attach to the axle and run up the sides of the Wagons.

Here´s a link to a 1955 film about the leader of the Hussites and the battle of Sudomer...historically as accurate as a flim can get...and well worth a look.

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Monday, 21 November 2011

Zvezda Facebook Poll

There´s a poll over on the zvezda facebook site...about the new Minisets..Basically there´s four choices
1. Big box set---
2. The mini sets---
3. Both---
4. (just added) High quality miniatures
Hello to Simon from the BigRedBatCave Blog...The most amazing collection of 28mm Romans I have seen anywhere on the web...just amazing stuff..looking at them tempts me to get myself some...!!!
Hello to   Emile Coutre from Vie apres la Mort....(life after death) blog. Question there??? Thanks for following

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mounted Knight V Peasant

My entry for a little competition  at Valdemars Forum, the place for all fans of 1/72nd medieval bods!!..

Hello to google friends link is on private setting
Hello to Jase from Quod Manica blog...cracking looking 20mm Afghans and spec forces!!!
Hello to Mingamer 1953...also your google friends link ison the private setting

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Friday, 18 November 2011

Marching through the ages

A little test to convert a couple of Strelets Normans and run them a couple of centuries into the future.
Just simple head swops using heads from the Strelets Medieval levy (1) , medieval levy (2) and the Normans on the march sets.
All the converted bods together.
Originals in the middle, converts to the left and right. Pitchfork from the zvezda medieval peasants set, halberd from Miniart. The bod on the far left has recieved a head from the Airfix Robinhood set
Original, convert, originall, convert
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hobbit in 20mm

A hobbit in 1/72nd scale....from Alex for Pascal from Sam´s Minis World......Alex never ceases to suprise me with his talents!!! A hobbit in 1/ this a first??

Hello to Gringo40´s website and blog. 40mm mexican civil war, bloody lovely looking sculpts and some of the painting is!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Medieval Town Guard /Proclamation

Another set in preperation from Alex. This time the guards aren´t   drunk..but mounted on horseback and making a proclomation. These will be perfect for a command escort and signallers. The one reading I will find a place on the field of battle as a map reader.
The horses were originallyto be  produced with quilted horsecoats..but they will appear with smooth covers so that coas of arms can be added. A good idea IMHo as it makes the set more versatile (period wise)

Hell to Uncle Brian from A Fist Full of Plastic. Looking at the titel page of his blog I can safely say he must have very big fists!!! :-D Tons of 1/72nd plastic bods..some of (which annoys me :-D ) I can´t identify!!!  
His use of bods is pretty damned imaginative as well..

Sunday, 13 November 2011

El Cid Spanish Heavy Cavalry (HaT)

Again, painted up as Norman cavalry. The PSR review correctly places them later than the classical 1066 Norman period..but as my Norman army is ( like all my medieval /dark ages) a generic one..they fit perfectly :-D
 The whole Generic Norman it stands at the moment 

 The shield wall with archers in  skirmish mode

The Cavalry charges forward !!!!
The shield wall

Friday, 11 November 2011

El Cid Spanish Infantry (HaT)

Meant for the wars around Andalusia but I´ve painted the heavy infantry from the HaT set   up as Normans. :-D The light infantry..maybe not the archers..I will use as Saxons.
They aren´t as heavily armoured as the Strelets normans and they fact that the shields are mostly held on the left or right of the body means creating a shield wall with just this set  isn´t really possible.
The Hat bods fit very well alongside the Strelets normans. The fact that they hold the shields to the left or right means they can be used to close up the sides of a block.