Sunday 4 September 2011

Medieval Tent (How to)

Not the best template that´s ever been made but it´s the best I can do :-D
It´s drawn on A4 and the tent it will make is 5cm´s Tall and 5.5cm´s wide.
Forgive my c**p handwriting :-D

The scale of the tent can be altered by simply extending the dotted lines to the centre point and using a compass to re-create the top and bottom of the "canvas". The same with the roof.
For the long sided tent you´ll need to add another side (where the dotted lines are on the roof part) and adding the half circle for the roof on the other end.(it wouldn´t all fit on the plan I have made) For the walls, you´ll need two pieces, using the number 4 side as a tab.
I´ve tested this template to see if it fits and it does...the bottom tent is made using it. 
Here´s how I make them with the ropes.
Cut out the shape. I´ve got one  made using thick card which I use as a template but this is thin card from a folder divider. Score along all lines to aid folding.
Glue together and glue to the base. I´m using an old CD with paper stuck to the bottom. The tent pegs are old paperclips cut to length, then warmed over a candle and welded into position. (to hold the pieces use pliers!!!!)
Tie thread from one opposing corner to the other. This can be a bit fiddly and I use tweezers to loop the knots. If you do it well, the ropes won´t need glueing.
Add roof, flock or whatever...finished :-D