Wednesday 18 April 2012

Pirate Cutter Scratch build...FINISHED!!!!!

The rigging took a whole day and I know it´s not what  rigging would really be like..there are mistakes and compromises all over the place..but finally it´s done and dusted!  I´ll add a couple of little bits and pieces, rolls of rope, another gun or two, one of those swivel guns but basically all that remains is a name.
The sails are made from paper..cut to size and shape. Along each edge I made a 5mm fold, added a length of thread and glued the fold over it. Then a layer of micromesh net curtain on each side, glued on with wood glue and finally a covering of white Acrylic paint with a bit of sand brown mixed in.
Because the sails are covered with nylon net curtain it was easy to make holes for the rings etc. I heated up a darning needle over a tealight and burnt them in.

Total cost. In real terms..20 cents for the mast and 50 cents for a roll of thread.Paint and glue..about 30 cents worth (industrial batches bought a while ago)
And now all the stages ..(that I took pictures of)  in one go...

I only used three of the blocks..the rest I made using beads
The Yard. The jaws made from a clothes peg.
Wheel made from..a wagon wheeel and some pins
Hold cover made from foamcore with cardboard covering and Anti-Fly mesh for the grate.
It used to look like this!!!!?

Hello to Brovatar from Brovatar´s painting Blog....I love the Isabella Von Carstein!!