Wednesday 11 February 2015

Heavy Warriors of the Dead Cavalry (Dark Alliance)

The set has 10 riders in 10 different poses and 10 nags in 5 different poses and 2 foot bods (I haven´t included them here as they will end up as the command for the infantry)
I wasn´t too pleased with the result of painting them as "ghosts" ( like I did with the infantry HERE ) but went for a "scruffy undead with colour" look. Takes longer but IMHO, Looks better....and, I can use them as rebellious scum types.
Also, the horses. I swopped the ones with caparisons from the light warriors set. In Total that means 8 nags in 2 poses but they are the heavy cavalry and the light cavalry having nags with caparisons seems odd to me.

The Things that make the bods (in this set )look undead are minimal..slightly skeletal arms, grimer looking faces and shabby clothing (torn chainmail) and are easily excused which makes  them usefull as veterans.
I suppose it would be difficult, in this scale,  to create an obvious undead look without going for  Skeletons with armour.
The nags are a different case, especially the ones without caparisons, Boney faces, empty eye sockets, ribs  and other bones showing.
Close ups (not of every pose)
Two nags without Caparisons needed to make up the 10 mounts needed for all the riders from the set. . The Flag I found online and printed out.
At some Point I will get some more of These nags. Fill any holes, add a tail and they would be fine for normal medievals.
The "Unholy Orders"
A couple more General pics.