Thursday 31 July 2014

Roman Port 2 - Linear-b

The second set of Romans at the Harbour, but the bods can be easily used elsewhere.
15 bods in all, 8 of which are in pairs, meaning 11 pieces. Virtually no Flash, excellent Detail...all in all, a very nice set.
The whole set together.
Roman soldiers on leave.
Couple looking out to sea.
Poor workers being watched by the foreman
Some dancing Girls. What they might be doing at the Harbour I can´t imagine...but who cares..they are nice additions.

...the faces are pretty good as well .
With These it brings the numbers for my town up to 160 plus, 132 of which are obviously male with only 28 obviously female bods and 6 children. A set or two of Roman women and accompanying children would be very usefull to Balance things out.

Friday 18 July 2014

El Cid Moors - conversions

Mixing and matching again
Top halves from the  HaT El Cid Almoravid Infantry, bottom halves from the Airfix Arabs (Bedouins).  I reckon I could get another 4 kneeling archers / Crossbows using bods from the HaT  El Cid Andalusian Infantry set and a dozen or so kneeling spearmen etc from both sets.
With thier mates.
Musician conversions from the HaT El Cid Moorish Command set. Easy conversion, top and bottom halves swopped .

Thursday 3 July 2014

Moor Camel Cavalry

Mainly because it´s assumed they didn´t use camels in combat unless it was forced upon them, there aren´t many Medieval era Arabian / Moorish camel bods in 1/72nd..but I like the idea and they could be employed as a mobile archers unit, some needed creating.

The first 5 of 8.
The top halves come from the HaT El Cid Almoravid Infantry set , the bottom halves from the Airfix  Arabs (Bedouins) set.