Friday 12 July 2013

Medieval Prison Wagon MKII and Excecutioner

Due to a raising of taxes  there was enough funds in Hugh Jarse´s Koffers to have a spanking new prison wagon built. Not only was it affordable but due to some resistance to the tax rise, it was necessary.
This led to a bit of a conundrum with 22 non tax paying peasants having to be caught and thier property sold to raise the extra Money for the iron work, leading to the Phrase "catch 22".
As with the old Version, the door can be opened.....
....and the towing bar is movable. No yolk attached as yet some sutable oxen /draught horses Need finding. Some tax dodging individuals can Count themselves lucky that it´s not mobile.................yet.
For some unfortunate souls, the end stop won´t be getting them any further ahead in life...
Mr C.Hopper from Valdemar.

On Sunday it´s the 14th of July and it´s Bastille Day.
In 2011 there was the 14th of July challenge  over at the Gloranthan blog, I took part with my collection as it was then...HERE
This year there´s no big army day  but if anyone´s interested we could re-start the challenge for next year (and every year after)
Anyway, to clebrate the 14th, I´ll be posting most of my medieval armies this coming sunday.