Wednesday 25 May 2011


The silent killer of the garden world!!!!
Don´t be so rediculous Tomkins....there´s no such thing!!!!
Tompkins!!! Stop that mumbling and Speak up man
Hello to djk from DJK´s Fantasy World.. A scratch built terrain builder who produces  buildings from re-cycled materials using standard paints, glues etc, to create  some great looking houses etc.

Hello to scotty from Scotty´s Wargaming. A wargamer who covers mostly these periods, 
WSS, ACW, AVCBW, Dark Ages and colonial, (and some sci fi and fantasy)

Hello to Kem....Kem your bloggers follower function is not on..

Hello to James from Rabbits in My Basement. Loads of BIG wargames to see on his blog...but the last post was about pies....don´t read his list, it will make your mouth water :-D

Bonjour à Maxon from Les figurines de Maxson. He has an amazing collection of 28mm Napoleonics.
His latest post , 1er et 2eme carabinier 1815 will show you what I mean.