Tuesday 25 June 2013

English cavalry - Bannockburn (Pt12)

The Ist lot of  Edward´s Cavalry. So far only 16  of the (approx) 50 needed
Not based up yet, as there´s a load more that need doing and then they will be based according to which "battle Group" they belong to.
Sets used;
English Cavalry of Edward I
Military order Sergeants
Russian Medieval Horsemen (De Vescy´s new nag)
A couple of the Lances come from the Zvezda French Knights set.

To "bulk" out the numbers (barded nags are few and far between) I´m adding bods from the miltary order sergeants set. They´ll get shield Patterns similar (or in some case, the same) in  colour etc as thier bosses. Later additions will get the flags of selected "bosses" to bump up the colour of the stands.
From left to right, Aymer de Valence, Thomas Erkedekne, Gilbert De Clare and ...well I liked the colour scheme. It´s the same as the Earl of Norfolks , Per pale or and vert but it hasn´t got the lion rampant gules.
The kniggits
A couple of them like Gilbert de Clare have already turned up elsewhere on the blog so only close ups of the latest ones.

Giles de Argentine   ("For me, I am not of custom to
fly, nor shall I do so now") and  Robert Fitzwalter , 1st Baron Fitzwalter. 

One Thing worth noting about Robert is that the coat-of-arms on his shield are imprinted.   In fact a lot of the bods in the set have imprinted coat-of -arms, several of which, like Roberts, have  historical accuracy. So far I´ve noticed(after cutting off shields and slicing of heraldry on surcoats)  C.o.A´s that could pass, (apart from the obvious George cross) for;
David de Brechin, (using the pics at PSR....third from left top row)
John 1st Baron of Amand (third row from top, ist on the left)
William Sampson or alternatively  William Latimer of Corby (top row, ist on the right)

Marmeduke de Tweng, 1st Baron Tweng and Henry de Bohun. Henry will get based seperately as he didn´t spend a whole lot of time at the battle due to an unforeseen headache.
Sir Rodger Mortimer de Chirk 
William de Vescy of Kildare has got himself a new nag´.