Sunday 4 October 2015

17th century farmsteads - Finished

With a new house, a Hay barrack and some other  bits and pieces (all scratchbuilt)  added.

First off, all grouped together as a small farming community.
 Now as individual Farmsteads (as originally planned)
House with vegetable / Herb garden
Cabbages made with green crepe paper
The "Woodcutters" house
Barn with Hay Barrack and Wagon
The "Bakers" House with bread oven

Buildings - Card with clay roofs
Fences/ladders/surrounds for the raised beds  - Coffee stirrers and lolly sticks
The Cabbages - green crepe paper
Bean Poles and Logs - Bits of birch twig
Wagon - Thin Card and strips of Wood.
Hay - Plumbers thread
Moss - Bits of rubber foam (that was left outside in the rain etc  to go green)
Bakers oven - Clay

Forgot...the buildings with their respective "Stedders" can be seen HERE

"O, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife!"