Friday 30 August 2013

Bannockburn (bits and bobs)

More bods are needed which means making more conversions for the Bannockburn Project, which is fun, getting back to the Feeling of the good old days, when Airfix and matchbox ruled the 20mm plastic bod world, metals were rare and expensive and to get something different meant working with the limited range of sets.

Some Spearmen for one of the next two Schiltrons.
From left to right, Army of Joan d'Arc,(first two, heads turned to face the other way) Army of Henry V (he was an archer) and the kneeling bod, top half from the army of Joan d´Arc, the bottom half from The Scottish Army of Wallace (the kneeling bod holding what Looks like a Baseball bat)
Both from the Shaab set. Like the one on the far left (above) the one on the left is (appropiately) left handed. Apparently Julius Caeser and Alexander the great were left handed, so if it´s good enough for them....:-D

Some other conversions using the Shaab set.
Hammer replaced with an axe, Lever replaced with a spear.
The "arsonist" bod becomes a command bod, the other Lever Operator gets a halberd from Zvezda
A bit more difficult. Bottom half from the Army of Joan d'Arc set, top half from the Army of Henry V set.