Tuesday 2 August 2011

Imperial Roman army. (1/72nd)

Took a while to paint this little lot :-D Now where are those celts hiding ??
To all you nice Uncles at La Armada..You might not like the scale..but you all came and looked, Saludos, :-D Paul
The bods are from...Airfix, Italeri, Hat, Revell, Orion, Strelets and Zvezda

Every shield painted by hand

The Italeri Archers stripped of armour...and I´ve added bowstrings ;-D
Balearic slinger command figs converted from orion gladiator set
The strelets sets don´t come with  command bods.....a bit of greenstuff and using bits from other roman sets and they get some commanders.
Hello to Patrick Mondria...thanks for following but your google friends connection doesn´t work.
Hello to Mike .from NorthpeaceWargames and  Fantasy battle Roundup blogs. The eyecandy on the FBR blog!!!!!! Excellent!!!