Wednesday 30 May 2012

Zvezda Trebuchet

Finally after a very long search I´ve obtained the Zvezda Trebuchet. I found it for sale at Kalfakis Model Hobbies in Athens..and I can only HIGHLY commend the service provided. Even as a first time customer, every one of my questions was answered,  after I put the wrong (Too high) price in I was E-mailed that I was going to pay too much and  the delivery was prompt. A big thankyou to Costas for the excellent service ....:-D 
He has another 5-6 Zvezda trebuchets for if you´re after quick ;-D
All three together..Faith, Hope and Charity. From left to right, Miniart, Fredericus-rex and Zvezda

Hello to Jen and Ben from Jen & Ben´s Wargaming Figures blog. If only I could paint as well as they can!!!!!!!!!