Sunday 1 September 2019

Artillery of Charles XII

What can you paint with a broken middle finger Right Hand?
This lot :-)
24 poses in the set, one of which is a Streltsi so there´s actually 23 gunners. The set includes Two Cannons which are..well, not bad but not up to the Standard of ones from the likes of Zvezda,  a brazier, a big Barrel and two handspikes.
The ones without any Cannon related equipment can be used for camp Scenes / generic Bodstonian  types.
One has had his lintstock replaced with a scythe..maybe he´s been out cutting hay for the horses. Another has had his ramrod replaced with a hayfork...maybe he´s about to go a collect the hay.
I suppose this lot are supposed to be handling the guns. The set comes with Handspikes but they aren´t that good so got binned.
Officers. The bod in the middle ...a giant? 
All in all,  a nice Little set and considering it´s a second run, minimal Flash and very few mold lines to deal with. 

Not 1/72nd scale but THIS guy creates some really excellent stuff in 1/32nd scale

and, coincidentally Another Italian Hobby guy,  this time in  1/72nd. Why I haven´t caught Guiseppe´s Blog before I don´t know. He´s Building a whole roman town and then some. Amazing. Makes my Roman town (as it was) look amaturish.