Monday, 9 January 2012

Bowled Out!!!

My entry for a duel here at the Bennos Forum..The theme was "guarding a Wall"
I won this one but more for the humour than the actual painting . My opponent´s bods (Jan´s), are much better than mine.
Bods from Zvezda and redbox
Trees from Mahonia roots...Wall, insulating foam..Snow...Plaster of Paris .
Interesting looking "crab hands"!! :-/ Maybe he´s a good swimmer
Hello to Tomasz Celiń link doesn´t work :-/
Hello to Ted Henkle from Stern-Rake Studio Blog. Loads of stuff, from wargaming to humour :-D
Hello to BragonDorn from BragonDorn Asylum blog . Life stories. The duck story is amazing
Hello to El Repartidor from   Mighty littlemen Blog. Wargaming and minis..tons and tons of both.
Hello to Winttrix ( Emmett) from Emmett´s Wargaming and History Blog. He´s been painting minis for 7 years now..good ones as well. Why do I mention how many years...?? Look and see ;-D