Wednesday 22 May 2013

Bannockburn (pt 4) Sheltron 2nd battle

That was a fun Long Weekend. Went to the UK, attended a very big and excellent Greek  wedding and got a 30 quid fine for halting the car  in a gridded Zone....I thought they were there just as a warning unless signposted as no stopping....DOH!!! .:-D

Anyway....The  left wing Sheltron commanded by James Douglas, Lord of Douglas and Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland.
There´s some doubt that both were in Joint command of  the same sheltron, but I´m sticking with this Version supplied to me by Douglas at the Bennos Forum. He´s found loads of stuff about the battle which I couldn´t find so many thanks Douglas :-D
Bods used all strelets and are from;
Medieval Levy (1)
Medieval Levy (2)
Military Order Warriors
Foot Military Order Knights

Alba gu bràth!!!!!
The shields, which used to be the Royal Standard ones and have now been replaced, still need a bit of "dirtying up" and I´ll add bods to represent Douglas and Stewart at some point
Douglas´s Standard on the left, Stuarts on the right. I used downsized shield Emblems to get the basic pattern then repainted them.
And a couple of "full contact" pics.