Wednesday 10 April 2013

Wars of the Roses Scottish Troops (RedBox)

10 bods in the set...and to be honest, a LOT of flash! On 2 of the  4 sprues in the set I got some of the bods were surrounded with Flash. Over at PSR they seem to have got one of the good sprues (Here)
Still, when the Flash is  removed there´s some quite nice bods buried in it. A lot of them are quite generic looking and fit well alongside  other WotR´s bods.
The whole mob with conversions together. The Tartan. I made it up as I went along and any similarity to a real pattern is purely coincidental.
Missile bods.
Infantry. The one on the right..A Gallowglass?
The other figs, with conversions
The rather large halberd replaced with a pike
I wouldn´t want to be on the recieving end of that chopper...that´s if the guy could have actually lifted it.
The pikes that come attached to the bods are pretty thick and useless, so they got replaced. Why manufacturers still insist on creating poses with the pikes attached is beyond me. Easier would surely be just have the bod with ring Hands that a pike could be fitted to?

Now the last bod, the musician.
Bagpipes seem to have been used way back in human history and I´ve found a couple of references to them being used in warfare but nothing really definate. They turn up in Medieval manuscripts as far back as the 12th century (a collection of manuscripts with Bagpipes in them HERE)

Here  is the Sound of a reconstructed set  of a medieval  German Bagpipes called  "Hummelchen" (Little bee)  It has some similarity  to the "modern" sound of a set of Bagpipes.
The main Problem with the piper is that he hasn´t got the mouthpiece to blow the bag up!! Mind you, as can be seen in the pic above (the two pipers) the mouthpieces could be quite small so maybe it´s hidden against his chest.