Sunday 29 January 2012

Town and County Levy (RedBox)

It seems that RedBox have really upped their game in the area of sculpting. This is the second set in thier WotR´s series and another good one.
The set divides into more or less two groups...the men armed with bows and the others with various edged weapons.
One complete sprue of the 4 sprues in the set.
The archers. I´ve painted them up as english archers so they can be added to the burgundian army.
The edged weapons group. The bod with the axe and the one holding the buckler up are ok, but the three with the pole arms are very nice, even if thier weapons are a bit long. . A couple of them will find a place in the next pike block.
A couple of ideas that redbox have included. The bod on the left seems to have brought all his bagge with him. The bod in the middle. When I first saw the scans of these I couldn´t make out what was at his feet...the object   turned out to be a sack of arrows. The last bod.. he carries not only a quiver but his bow wrapped up in a carrying bag. Wether they did this or not, I cannot say, but it´s an original idea.
All in all a nice set. Unfortunately  there is on one or two mold lines running down the middle of thier faces but the overall flash is minimal and the set mixes well with the previous Men-At-Arms and Retinue.
Hopefully this will be the standard of future RedBox sets and I hope they continue the WotR´s line.....some armoured cavalry, scurriers, gun  teams, arquebusiers etc would be nice....please :-D