Monday 24 July 2017

Ancient Roman Town - Update

Remember this lot?
The Project came to a Close a couple of years ago and basically the whole lot was destined  to spend its future in boxes in the cellar so rather than let it go to waste I put it up for sale HERE 
There (in the cellar) it remained until a couple of weeks ago when I got a message asking wether it was still up for sale and what scale it is.

Anyway, to cut a Long Story short it is now part of an interactive Project called "I Think I can" run  by the RSC..yep..the Royal Shakespeare Company in association with the Terrapin Puppet Theatre using the Buildings and 1/72nd scale bods (the roman citizen sets from Strelets and Linear-B) as the characters.
The idea of the project is;

Through puppetry, live video, and audience interaction, this innovative public artwork asks 'What would you like to be today?' engaging you in an optimistic task of collective storytelling

It starts tommorrow, the 25.07.17 and IMHO, it´s a great idea, just the sort of Thing I´d have been into as a nipper and I wish them all success with it.
Here´s a sneak Peak Video of the Project...recognise any of the Buildings? 

If the Video (by Kind permission) doesn´t work here´s the LINK

For more info on the Project look HERE
They´ve set up an online newspaper for the Project called "Avonville"
As our puppeteers animate the character in the miniature Roman world, you are invited to tell your character's story, which is then documented and will appear in the form of an online newspaper
Link to the Newspaper HERE

I mean, how cool is that? :-) 

Thursday 20 July 2017

Medieval Guards resting

I´ve painted up this lot before..nearly five years ago as a bunch of soldiers in the pay of sir  Hugh Jarse. Then I called it  "Medieval Picnic" but they are in fact called (as per the post titel)  VA126 "Medieval guards resting"  by  Valdemar-Miniatures
This lot are painted up for the 1329 Teutonic dio  in the same Red and White livery as the  Medieval Guards on Duty set
Two sets making a total of 14 bods, 2 tables, three benches (one was missing) and 2 dogs.

Normally he would be Holding something foodwise up to his mouth but I´ve added a crossbow so he can maybe be seated on a Barrel or whatever and be added to the Standing guards

Saturday 15 July 2017

Cimmerian Cavalry

Ten mounted bods and one foot bod who appears to be another Conan lookalike
Very little Flash, great sculpts, especially the nags.
Only one small, but solvable Problem. The bods don´t fit that well on the nags. The reason ? Thier legs aren´t wide enough appart to fit over the nags sturdy backs.
I tried the "hot water Treatment" to widen their legs but even then, seeing as there are no saddles, they didn´t seat properly  and fell off.  Normally, with mounted bods, I glue them into the saddle, the glue is then more or less hidden.
Solution ? As the bods needed holes drilled in thier rear Ends to enable easy painting (they get then jammed onto Cocktail sticks which are supported in wine corks ) it made sense to drill a hole in the nags backs in roughly the area where the saddle would have been,  add a short length of wire which the bod was then pushed onto.
As with the first set of foot cimmerians I gave them reddish hair.
Loads of Fantasy  stuff like maces, Axes and horned helmets
"Come on then!! I´ll have the lot of ya!!!

Is the bod meant to be Conan ? I reckon so. The pose and kit are  directly taken from the 1980´s Conan films starring   Arnold Schwarzenegger

I´ve still not given them a  flag (do they Need one?)  but I reckon something with a bull would be good.

Monday 3 July 2017

Dark Alliance Orcs - set 3

Still in Fantasy mode...Another 10 orcs to add to the warband..and with this lot, an Orc female!?
Chunky in the sculpting but they are orcs so the sculpting style fits
The female. Is there such a Thing as a female orc? Whatever, she´s a bit of an oddity and doesn´t fit alongside the rest of the sets so she´s become an Elf  or possibly Amazon fighter.
I´m telling you Morgu, that aint no orc!!