Thursday 23 February 2012

Medieval Litter (Sedan-chair)

A one seater, two horse power, top of the range method of getting around in the middle ages....fluffy dice optional. The second half of the medieval tax collectors set from Valdemar and available  as VA139 treasurer and his personal escort .

A couple of "pre-fit" pics.
Waiting for his lift, Bishop of Bodley, Antonius Bonnifatass
I forgot to take a pic of the inside so the crossbow (there´s one next to him beside the seat) is now not visible.
The only small problem with the set, putting the whole thing together. The horses are seperate and have a small ladder like piece as a connector. No matter how I tried or which glue I used...I failed to join them up. Eventually I came up with a solution. I removed the harnesses  from the horses and replaced them with thin strips of medical sticking plaster.(this stuff) Using the little ladder connector as a template I constructed a new carrying bar out of  cut and sanded down lollypop sicks. The new harnesses I  left long enough so that when the carrying bar was added, they could be bent up and rolled into place.
The historical bit. Entree l´empereur Charles IV a Daint-Denis 1378