Thursday, 23 February 2012

Medieval Litter (Sedan-chair)

A one seater, two horse power, top of the range method of getting around in the middleages....fluffy dice optional. The second half of this set. 

A couple of "pre-fit" pics.

Waiting for his lift..the Bishop of Bodley..Antonious Bonnifatass

I forgot to take a pic of the inside without Bonnifatass, so the crossbow is no longer visible :-(
As always with Valdemars products,  the detail is amazing...the crucifix!!
The only small problem with the set, putting the whole thing together. The horses are seperate and have a small ladder like piece as a connector. No matter how I tried or which glue I used...I failed to join them up. Eventually I came up with a solution. I removed the harnesses  from the horses and replaced them with thin strips of medical sticking plaster.(this stuff) Using the little ladder connector as a template I constructed a new carrying bar out of  cut and sanded down lollypop sicks. The new harnesses I  left long enough so that when the carrying bar was added, they could be bent up and rolled into place.
The historical bit.....  Entrée de l'empereur Charles IV à Saint-Denis 1378