Friday 8 June 2012

Napoleonic French Engineers

A new set just released by Tom Winterkamp and only available from Toy´s & More and I´ve  had the pleasure of painting them. There doesn´t seem to be much info on these specialists so if I´ve got the colours wrong..the blue too dark or whatever then it´s not my fault...(Or I can blame the photos)
I found no pics / colourplates on the web but  a colour guide;
pants--sea blue
shirt sleeves--sea blue OR  gray
pouch,collar,boots-- black
collar trim--red  ( the only pic I found had the sleeves trim in red as well)
belt buckle - lantern--brass
barrel, tool handles,straw--wood
sledge hammer,axe,hoe,shovel,pick axe,saw--steel

The set has a stockier look than the bods from  Strelets , but I reckon they could be easily mixed with each other.
Pickaxe Pierre
Benoit Beam holder
Sébastien Sandbag
Serge shovel