Friday 3 February 2012

Medieval assassins and more

Another set of medievals from Alex..this time "special forces" :-D
From Fredericus-rex a Trebuchet crew sculpted by Markus Eckmann. They could be used for any other seige machines, onboard a boat or whatever. The bod picking it´s nose is a great idea
and from Andreas from Kamarzinnfiguren, a viking chief and a viking shield wall

Hello to Fireymonkeyboy from The Monkey that Walks blog. He´s been painting and gaming with minis for over 20 years and has a large range og wargames and minis to look at on his blog.
Hello to James Cotgrave from twitter..thanks for following :-D

The figoblogtheque voting went into another round..5 blogs got the same amount of votes and it´s been extended for 5 more days so..VOTE HERE and if you´re not on thier blog list...get and do so
(PS....I have removed myself from the running :-D)