Wednesday 24 October 2012

Medieval Builders (Set II)

The second set of builders from Valdemar, created by Alex. At the moment they are based using woodglue to attach them to the bases but they will, when I´ve finally got set 1 finished be part of a buildingsite dio...making a house or putting a siege machine together.
The set has 13 bods, 3 work benches and a set of tools
The carriers and fetchers. The wooden beams are made from balsawood cut to size. The two with the beams on thier shoulders can be paired together to carry one long beam, but...if you look, they are out of step with each other, and if anyone has tried carrying something with someone else and you both go out of step you´ll know how difficult this makes the task.
Using woodplanes. The woodspane is made from finely copped up guineapig bedding
Masons. Unfortunately I broke the chisel meant for the kneeling bod and I replaced the hammer for the standing mason with a rounded wooden masons mallet made from a bit of sprue
A couple of woodworkers
Man with a saw and the boss. The bod with the saw is, I think, supposed to be twined with the bod (far right9 in the pic above, but seeing as both of them have thier right arms drawn back ????

 As always with Alex´s´s the faces!!!