Sunday 23 December 2012

Simon Langton and John FitzRobert

Simon Langton, Archbishop of york  and John FitzRobert, lord of Warkworth and Clavering, another two of the suretees to  Magna carter 1215.
Both from a battle set, kindly sent to me by Jens from Valdemar Miniatures.

Simon Langton, (b,unknown, died 1248)
He was the Archbishop of york for a very short period,long enough to witness the Magna carter.  He gained the titel in june of 1215 and lost it in august of the same year.  Pope Innocent III anulled it acting upon a request from King John of England.  Langton then went over to Louis VIII of france, acting as Louis´s advisor during the invasion of england in 1215 ( busy year) For joining up with Louis he was excommunicated. He´s quite a character, leading a pretty active life and it´s well worth reading up on his life.
John FitzRobert. (b. ca. 1190 - d.1240)
Described as Lord of  Warkworth Castle. On the Early Blazon site, his livery is portrayed as the one I´ve painted but on searching the web I´ve found THIS version which is apparently blazon of Eustace de Burgh
To be honest I´m sticking with the Early Blazon site´s connection...and I like the colours whoever´s they are :-D.
Hello to Robbie from the Independant wargames Group blog. A lovely looking blog with loads of great wargames. The battle field vignettes are really worth a look at.
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