Saturday 30 July 2011

medieval bombard experiment

Due to a couple of accidents, caused by the massive recoil of the weaponary, messers Bodkin and Bodger have designed a "Re-coiless Cannon"

This is achieved, not with springs, oh no!!. Not with counterweights, ramps, levers or any other such infernal devices, but by the simple device of opening the rear of the cannon to allow the hot gases to escape, therefore not creating pressure that will throw the device backwards.

After several operations and the laying on of leeches, T.Omkins is out of intensive care and has kindly deemed to help test this cunning device.

Here we see him about to light the fuse.

....and,.... oh!!! that doesn´t look right somehow... 
no..not right at all!!
 Can anyone smell tinned meat cooking??

Hello to pahoota from Solipsist gaming  and Atticusmactapia from El espacio de Atticus. 
I´ve said hell to both and not individually because they both have very similar blogs...loads and loads of very clever scratch building. For example, pahootas last post about making thatched huts is inspired thinking as is Atticus´s creation of cypress trees. Both are well woth the visit and a run through their archives on how to make and do.