Friday 15 April 2011

Macedonian Phallanx (Hat)

Actually, more than one...more like a macedonian battle line with 3 Phallanx´s ( is that the correct term for more than one Phallanx!!?) On the first bunch I used decals from LBMS, the others got a "silver shield"  paint job...which looks very bronze like in the pics.
Every one of the 144 Sarrissas is 7.4cms long, cut from 0.5mm wire, dipped in wood glue to create a spearhead and then welded to the bod.
Hello to Matt from FilmMattic Blog. He reviews those classic films like The godfather and lawrence of Arabia. He´s also taking part in the A-Z challenge and I can´t wait to see what he´ll come up with for X and Z :-D