Thursday 9 February 2012

Jan Hus

Finally finished :-D
The last 3 bods from the Orion set, the "driver", Jan Hus and a trumpeter. The driver has got a new job...waving a muck fork and being threatening from one of the wagons. The figure of Jan Hus is an odd addition to a "Hussite Warwagons and command set" for the simple reason...he had been reduced to a pile of ashes a few years earlier. Anyway, he makes a good Priest bod and couls also be used as a replacement for the armoured version of Prokop. If anyone wants to read up on Jan Hus then look HERE. It´s well worth the look...interesting bloke.

The two bulls that are supplied to pull the war wagon. These are lovely looking sculpts, too lovely to be put to the task of pulling a big heavy wagon so I´ve put them out to pasture :-D

Now I can get back to making a bit of progress with the Khandibarians :-D

Hello to Figurines 1/72nd from Dioramas 1/72nd blog. Loads of 1/72nd bods...his Valdemar Knights are Great!!!!!
Hello to Ben B...from Ben´s Soldiers blog . 20mm, 54mm and 6mm wargaming and modeling in modern, WWII, and the Napoleonic eras and he does...some cracking perspective photos of the wargaming action!