Tuesday 1 November 2011

Monks, Priests , a Bishop .....

...and a magician. It´s All saints day so they are getting an outing but wether these lot will ever rise to the ranks and get thier wings...??
Friar tuck..or magicians apprentice, the Airfix "holyman"
Valdemars "you must confess"
From a Zvezda "big set"...His Holyness Bunnyfartus. What an ugly §!*°!!
Some of the priests from the Pegasus California Mission Indians set.
A pious looking bunch if ever there was one. The one to the far left had a bell on the top of his (now) walking stick, but it snapped off  :-(
The pegasus set has some great detail like the rosary beads with crucifix..
And now for todays sermon...or is it a recipe for fish???