Saturday 1 December 2018

Goblin Warriors - 1

Redbox is really becoming one of my favourite producers of Bods. Thier War of the Roses Range is excellent and thier Fantasy, superb. 
This little lot, on the Dark Alliance side,  has 48 bods in 12 poses. A winsy bit of Flash, middle hard cream plastic.
Armed and using  crossbows, bows, slings and javelins,  this is obviously the Missile section. 
Slings and a javeling thrower. The javelin thrower is using what Looks like an Atlatl to increase the range and power of his javelin.
Crossbows.  Apart from the extra weaponary, these three could represent to process of  a single bod using a crossbow.
Upcoming from RedBox (some sets may be released spring 2019)
For the Dark Alliance 
-Pirates - "Lord of the Rings"-Umbar 
-Desert peoples - "Lord of the Rings"- Harad
-Eastern peoples  -"Lord of the Rings "- Easterlings
For the light Alliance.  Hopefully,  the elves will also be based on  LotR. 
Elves - two sets