Tuesday 29 March 2011

Caeser Goblins

It says on the packet, "you could resist Goblins no longer!" and it´s true...I couldn´t  :-D
These vicious little green nasties  will be included, with some Pixies, in the fantasy medieval project..
I haven´t attached a bowstring to the archer...the reason being...his arm is in the way!!!!!
Hello to Shad Schoenke (Shadrach). he has 5 blogs...the one I follow is Der Kleine Soldat...loads of 1/72nd plastic bods, a lot of which are in nice little dios.
Hello Michael Awdrey. Michael, if you´ve got a Blog your google friends thing aint on.
And hello to Hundrid of Warblog. Loads of Wargames and bods of war!!!