Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Medieval Travellers, Wanderers, Pilgrims

As the titel says, these are medieval travellers.
The whole set together,,,except that there´s a dog that comes with them, but he, Beisser, has been used as a companion to Klynt von Osterholz

Vladimir to the left and Estragon to the right (from the "Waiting for Godot" post) and an "overheated" priest.
A member of the Bennos forum, Suso. The dog, beisser, is a copy of his own dog and the pair should really belong together..maybe Klynt will decide he works better alone at some point so master and hound can be re-united.
The child is an addition from the children at play set with his father
Three weighed down travellers. The one in the middle would make a  trader taking his wares to market, the one to the right is definately a mercenary type, he carries a sword, shield, helmet and crossbow.
The mercenary. I`ve experimented a bit by giving him a bit of a long term not shaved look.
As ever with Alex´s sculpts, the detail is exemplary. Suso carries not only a bow and quiver, but some rope, two knives and an axe handel..and  details, like on the rucksack  are recreated in such perfection it makes painting these bods a joy.

Hello to Nico from Mushroom Minitures blog. He sculpts 15mm fantasy (has made some stuff for Pendraken minis) and hopefully soon will be able to have some of his new creations ready for sale...I´m already after some of his Faeries, the Djinn and the Jabberwocky!!!