Thursday 15 November 2018

Bods and Generals (3)

Another 4  Generals for the ACW Project. All from the Strelets Union General Staff (2)
Chosen more or less at random, the pose being more a deciding factor than  any particular personality from the set.
Whose who, According to the boxart and PSR
Abner Doubleday
In Charge of the cavalry. I painted his Outfit a bit more fancy to reflect his future Career.
George Armstrong Custer. 
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain 
Louis Philippe Albert of Orleans. (Philippe d'Orléans, the Count of Paris) As noted at PSR, an odd sort of Personality to add to the set.

It would be great if Strelets re-released thier Union General Staff 1. A lot of the bods could be used as Regimental or artillery commands, , both Union or Confederate.