Sunday 29 April 2012

Roofing how to

A question was asked recently over at the Steve Dean to work out the size of a roof. Normally I would just go for try and error to get the sections the right size, leading to a lot of wasted roofing material  but after ´thinking about it I came up with this;
Make the tower (house or whatever..I´ve tested it and it works for all rectangular buildings) measure from each opposing corner and make a cross shaped insert.

Mark a point at the wished height in the middle of the cross piece. Make a mark at the height of the wall and join the two up. Repeat for all 4 sides.
Lay on a piece of card (or whatever) and mark from the top of the roof to each outside corner. Extend these lines to give a bit of roff overhang. If your building is exactly square, the first piece can be used as a template to make the other 3 sections..if not just repeat for the remaining sections.
Add tabs, either to the inside on the cross piece or on the roof sections and glue on. If the wall sections/cross piece are thick enough to lay the roof sections on and just glue, then the tabs can be ignored. The whole thing only took ten minutes with taking pics but would obviously take longer for a better looking finish.
Welcome to Tyla from Obscure creations Blog. She´s building a dolls house and, I don´t know about you but I find the things fascinating. Not only that but some of the techniques used are very usefull in all forms of modelling.
Welcome to Andy from Cold War Gamer blog . Everything cold war period but in 20mm and a huge amount of resource links.

PS; Due to the screw up with the Bloggroll list thingy, I couldn´t go through the horror of deleting ang re-doing the thing so I´ve just added a second one..much easier :-D