Friday 12 August 2011

Emhar Vikings (1/72nd)

Or theses days Emhar or Imex., anyway, they both use the same box art. These were kindly sent by Dan from the Command tent...again Dan,,many thanks :-D  Saxons and Zvezda Vikings soon.
The plastic, being hard and the glueable stuff, allows a lot of possible conversions

The bod in the middle is the original pose...he´s sporting last years fashion, a gold leafed jacket , Mr Grimbaldson to his right has a natty steel plate coat on while Mr Undwold, to the left has a simple "lets go Pillaging" leather Jerkin. Mr Undwold also carries the gangs crews Flag of a stoopiing Crow, which I got from Ray´s Blog Don´t throw a one, where there are more on the rack to choose from.