Friday 18 September 2015

Medieval Barn (2)

Village Building  number 5... halfway there.
The core design taken from one found on the web but I´ve made it a timberframed affair and added a stone wall support. The original was covered with planking. I´ve also added a set of stables to the rear.
The stables without the Roof...
..and the front and back roofing sections.
Adding and painting the planking is a bit on the Level of  painting the back of skirting boards before they are attached,  as they are barely visible now they are fixed in place but I know they are there and I can sleep soundly   :-D

Something not modelling related...a Family of hedgehogs.(Urchins is the "technical" Name for Young nickname for them is Spuggies, )
On my (at this time of year) regular garden patrol looking for signs of them, I found a lone, very small hedgehog so it was brought in to have a check up. It´s fine, no injuries etc.
It´s obviously a Young one, the large head in comparison to the Body, so seeing it´s nest  would be in the vacinity it got returned to the exact same spot in the garden.

I watched it for a while and then noticed another one had crept up beside me...and then another!!!!
A Family Group of   Spuggies!!!....
On the first night I saw 4, which got named   "Eeny", "Meenee", "Mynee" and "Moe" but on the second night, a fifth turned up.. now called "Mop"
From the pics it can be seen, comparing the leaves and grass around them how small they are..Possibly 2 months old.



The Mother, who I think is one we rescued last year and has been around and about in the garden since, I haven´t seen yet but they do leave the Young after about 2 months.  I know exactly where the nest is, a huge pile of twigs and leaves at the bottom of our garden.
A short film featuring "Mynee" on a slug hunt.

Obviously, they´ve been Born a bit late in the year so their chances of reaching the 500gm´s plus to make it through the winter are slim, "Moe" and "Mop" are much smaller than the rest of thier siblings.
We´ve set up a feeding area near the nest, their Situation will be constantly (nightly) checked and seeing as underweight hedgehogs can  go into a permenant sleep the possibility that they might have to be overwintered indoors is  being prepared.