Sunday 25 March 2012

Medieval Town House (Fredericus-rex)

Mrs Miggins Pie shop. After years of hard work kneading and baking Mrs Miggins has finally scraped enough groats together to buy herself a House. And what better choice could she make than to get one from Fredericus-rex.
This house measures 19cm´s Tall, 7.5cms wide and 10cm´s long.
All the Fredericus-rex buildings (and the range is already enough to build a small town) are lasercut wood / card,  so all you need to build one is a scalpel and some woodglue. It is recommended to use oils to paint them but I´ve used Acrylics and had no problems, which was one reason I was mildly put off getting any of these houses. I´ve never used oils in  model painting but even when used quite "wet" the acrylics didn´t affect the materials.
Mrs Miggins enjoying the spring sunshine and deciding what type of base she will give her new house.
Above the shop window, next to the two small windows, the kit allows an extra glased window to be added.
Each floor is individual which means they can be swopped from back to front so from this one kit you could get 6 slightly different looking houses. Also, being individual you could take the floors apart and fit the interiors out.
The Detail is superb!!!. Windowframes, hinges etc are all included on laser cut card. The wood work (either on card or balsawood ) has the grain cut into it and the stonework (which also comes of card) has a realistic stone finish.Basically, everything has been thought of.
Some of the printed sheets, for example the wood for the upper storey in this building, are very thin. I recommend putting the sheets (which are A4 size) into a folder with each Sheet   numbered sheet in order. This not only  prevents any damge that may occur if they were just in a pile or spread about but it also speeds up the construction time.
Pre paint and prefit all pieces before final glueing and take your´s worth going slow on these :-D