Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Medieval fight training

Knights weren´t Born knowing how to fight and had to be trained in the finer arts of disabling an Opponent. A set of Trainees and Trainers sculpted by Alex and produced by Valdemar.
The whole set.
The Young sirs Training. Due to the wicker shields and padded "armour", metal swords would be a bit over the top, so I painted the swords up as wooden ones
Sword master. (The sword isn´t just appears like that in the pic due to shadow) The stick in his left Hand is for administering "correctional advice".
For the "lower orders"...archery. I treid to add the bowstring to look like it was drawn, but it proved too difficult..and adding an arrow would have been impossible, so it´s now as if he´s just loosed the arrow.
Start em Young!!
A Feature of modern medieval fairs, the knock your Opponent off the log. I reckon the "Clubs" are in fact leather bags filled with sawdust or such like. Wooden Clubs would be way to deadly.
With this lot, my medieval civilian collection has topped the 200 mark..203 to be exact.
112 Adult Males, from that 16 Monks/priests and one Bishop
53   Adult Females.
38   Children, from babes in arms to "Teens"

I could add  another 80 plus, but 20 or so are based in dios or  they are town guard types or taking part in the Military convoy so not strictly civilians.