Friday 1 June 2012

Medieval Castle

This quite incredible 1/72nd scale castle was scratchbuilt  some 15yrs ago by Tommy  and  Tina, who run an Online indian Clothes and accesories shop called Om - Lakshmi.
I now have the honour and pleasue of becoming the Guardian of this beautiful piece of construction.
All I have done is  clean it up, repair a couple of small pieces,  a dab of paint here and there, paint up the wooden beams on the timbered house parts, base and landscape it.(add the rocky outcrops)
It measures, 70cm´s long, 55 cm´s wide and to the top of the main tower, 40cm´s high.
The main Keep and the Guardhouse have had some weathering done to the brickwork. I may continue this at some point.
I really like the way it seems to be built in a "as needed" parts have been added as time went by and the population / influence of the castle grew, just like in real life.
The ground work still need a bit of vegetation etc.
The store house which .................
..........has a removable roof!! There are 4 removable roofs in total..and all the buildings can be removed from the base....not just that but they all   can be lit up from inside.
All the tiles were individually cut out and glued on ! I keep trying to imagine how long this all took!!
Not a brilliant photo but the catwalk near the front gate is also completely hand made!!!
View from the storehouse to the guardhouse (the drawbrige works)
The lord and lady surveying thier new Home...are they pleased? You bet they  are!!!!!!
There are a lot of details that are only just visible but almost impossible to photgraph. For instance, the wall running up along the ramp from the guardhouse. It has the catwalk and under the catwalk there is a hollowed out area (where the window is) so crossbowmen can stand without being in the area of the ramp. The beams etc in the roofing...all hand made and   constructed from Matches!

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