Monday 27 October 2014

Dwarf battle line

Another element of the Alliance against the Army of the underworld  the dwarves give the needed Backbone and Stayingpower to the allies.
All of them are from Caeser´s Dwarve´s set, with a couple of conversions, shields or spears added
The Flag is from Ray´s Don´t throw a one blog and can be found on this LINK. Ok, they are viking flags but they I think they fit well with Dwarves

Sunday 19 October 2014

Elf Archers

Part of the alliance against the Army of the underworld, with a rapid rate of accurate fire, the elves supply the archer element.
I´ve gone for a uniformed look as in most fiction, especially since the LotR films,  they appear as a "militarised" folk. A couple of head swops to get variety.
The flag is from Volomir´s Blog....if you haven´t seen his High Elves Sea Guard Step by Step (or any of his other work) then I recommend going over to have a look, it really is worth it.

Friday 10 October 2014

Goblin slavers

Half-breeds, they  fear thier orc/goblin masters and hate humans in equal measure. Quick witted and viscious, luckily there´s very few of them about as cross breeding is rare and has so far produced only males.
Heads from the caeser Goblins set and the bodies from various Linear-b Roman sets.
Following  the orc warbands they pillage what can be carried away and destroy what cannot. Any survivors are taken prisoner. Thier fate? A Long journey to the east to be sold in the slave markets and then onto the mines. That ..or Orcs aren´t particular as to what type of meat they eat.