Friday 19 June 2015

Medieval Guildhall - Thaxted

This one proved to be a total headache..not only the fact it has Jetties on three sides  but the open area underneath and the shape of the Roof!! Adding the tiles/shingles was "fun".
As ever..the planning stage.
It started well but as it went on the positioning of the uprights on the top two floors had to be changed three times and trying to space the large Posts for the open area took half a dozen attempts.
Worse came when putting the finished walls together......First, some idiot had forgotton about the jetties  between the bottom and second floors for the side walls. Luckily it´s not the whole length of each side so a Piece could be added.
Then due to the small supporting area of the ground floor, the upper floor sagged towards the front,  similar to a concertina,  which meant adding extra bracing pieces inside. the Roof was being added it caused the front and back walls to bow inwards which meant adding even more internal bracing pieces.

I´ve left out a couple of crossbeams and (it can just be seen in some pics on the web but not 100% clearly) the "kingspost" , which should roughly be (in this model) near the middle but it took up space and wasn´t necessary so got left out.
What next?. A break from houses...maybe?
Or...Stokesay Castle gatehouse or Bayleaf farmstead ? Or a freestyle made up building?