Wednesday 27 February 2013

Middle class women (Bodstonia)

A few more females to inhabit the world of Bodstonia using Outcast-Figures Napoleonic civilians from Here

If no-one´s seen THIS then I recommend having a look...wargaming old style. Looks like total fun..simple rules and a classic look..just the thing to get children into the hobby.

Saturday 23 February 2013

Medieval Plague Doctor ........

..and friends. The bods are from Strelets Crusader transport 2.
The odd man out, historically, is the plague doctor. Not because of his profesion but his dress. Modern writers have described fourteenth-century plague doctors as wearing bird-like masks but the actual design of the clothing, mask included,  is credited to Charles de Lorme  (1584–1678) chief physician of three French kings, Henri IV, Louis XIII and Louis XIV who invented the design in 1619. 
Dr Schnabel vom Rom ( Dr beak of rome) Engraving by Paul Furst, 1656
Some of the Bods from the set
Marching soldiers.
Two who will forever lay by the roadside
Mr B. Eaky.The doc and a unsatisfied customer

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Jean IV, Compte de Harcourt and Robert VI d´Harcourt.

Another two French flags for the Battle of Crecy project.
From left to right, Standard bearers for  Jean IV, Compte de Harcourt and Robert VI d´Harcourt

All the flags so far......(named from left to right)
The French flags.
Louis de Nevre, Charles de Valois, Jean IV de Harcourt, King Phillip, Robert III d´Harcourt, Guillaume de Flandre, Bernard de Moreuil and Louis de la Cerda.

The flags of Luxenbourg.
Johan von Bolchen, Johan von Rademachen, Friedrich von Befort and Gerhard von Grandpre Houffalize

The English flags;
Sir John Sayvelyn, Sir Richard Fitzalan, Sir Thomas West, Sir Thomas de Hatfield, Cross of Saint George (2x), John Lord Sutton, Sir John de Botefort and William lord Latimer.

All the flags in a group shot. Only 21!!!!!!. Less than 10% of the total!! A lot more to go yet!!!


Saturday 16 February 2013

He fell on his sword

A mini dio for a comp titel, "Russian Hero" in Honour of the genius sculptor, Alex and was held  at Valdemars Forum.
Rules were;
"to make a diorama which shows a medieval Russian knight as a hero, at least one Valdemar bod"
I haven´t got that many russian knights and I know of no medieval heroes, the only one I could find was Alexander Nevsky :-X Anyway,,,he´s also called Alex so it counts :-D
Also...I didn´t have enough time to create a proper "historically correct" the sandy ground was used.
 Why "He fell on his sword" ? Because he (the horse)  has .........

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Ancient Roman Hospital (linear-B)

This lot are at a battlefield  clearing station but  the set could also be used in a valetudinarium, the hospital within roman military camps.
The set is from Linear-B and goes under the name Valetudinarium.
The battle rages and the casualties are starting to arrive...
...some have been patched up and now await casivac to a safer area.....
...the medical team carries on with it´s grisley work .
Either he is trying to stop the bods headache or give him one!
The population grows but the town of "Scalpere Aedificare" has progresses, but very slowly :-(
The cellar tavern has had the building added and a couple of the warehouses have had roofs added

Hello to Wade from the Dilletante Gamer. He´s got a cunning plan, represent the Stark and the Lannister clans from the Game of thrones series  using 28mm medievals.
Possible in 1/72nd? Nope...I cannot take on yet another project..however tempting it is.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Roman Construction (Linear-B)

Another great little addition to the ancient roman  civilian life, a roman Quarry/roadworkers gang.
14 bods on the sprue, the majority of them are the "forced labour" element.
The "slaves" all have either a metal band around thier necks or carry a recognition plaque.
Anyway, the are listed on the Linear-b site as " Roman Construction" and are due for release...Tomorrow (11.02.2013)
The pick (Dolabra) shovel and breaking iron crew.  

The two bods on the left are meant to work as a pair carrying a large wooden beam (supplied in the set) but I am going to use them as bods unloading a ship. The bod on the right should (I suppose) have rubble in the basket, but some sort of fruit or vegetables looks much better.

This pair carrying the stone suggests a set of quarry workers

As always, one poor worker getting told off for slacking. The original whip was a bit thick for my liking and got replaced.
The boss of the road crew and his chief engineer using a Groma.  The plumb lines attached to the Rostro (cross piece) are a bit "chunky" but this  is the first time I´ve seen a Groma represented in a "series" set
Roads were generally built by the legions and not civilians. That there are slaves and a Groma together in the set suggests a building project such as a road but it´s not inconcievable that a groma would find usage in a quarry etc. The one thing missing is a bod or two holding the measuring sticks used for aliginment, but that´s no problem to find a suitable bod for the job.

Welcome to Maik from Schildschmied. loads of lovely Shield and flag decals in 1/72nd and 28mm

Thursday 7 February 2013

Army of the Underworld

First off, the latest addition, the standard bearer for the "cultists"
Now..the army so far.

Super heavy infantry
Supreme Commander - Sir D.Eath

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Strelets Medieval Britain (1)

A rare set this one, why Strelets don´t re-release it I don´t know. There´s a lot of demand for the set,  the poses are usefull for loads of things, camp scenes, battlefield "extras" and the conversion potential is huge..but seeing as it´s rare I won´t be cutting any of them up at the moment.
Medieval Britain comes in a big box which includes, The army of Henry V, The Scottish army of William Wallace and The English cavalry of Edward I.
The Knights are making Friends with the locals
..while S.Will, the cook, looks on in disgust..
..hoping someone will step in and bring the festivities to a head...
..but does the jester care?
..nope, not at all

Saturday 2 February 2013

Medieval Heralds, Guards and prisoner

This is another great set from the castle of Valdemar and available at Fredericus-rex
I used a horse from another set (the tax collector set) for the boss bod (leaning down from the saddle) because I wanted the heralds to be mounted on similar horses, ie all with caparisons.
 All 8 mounted bods and one foot

The set divides, well I´ve divided it, into two halves.........
The cavalry section….
..and the lord, (Sherrif), Town crier and the heralds
A poor peasant arrested for the henious crime of Turnip smuggling

The cavalry section added to some of the bods from the tax collectors set