Monday 23 September 2013

Medieval army on the march

A Lord and his retinue on the march. Made up using bods from a variety of sets from mainly Valdemar but also  Zvezda and RedBox,  a few Foot and mounted additions to the baggage Train.
Lord and halbardiers
Hired levy

The Coat-of-Arms, Ordinary  Azure Chevron  Argent is made up. Well,  I haven´t found any anyone historical who it belonged to....yet.

For fun, A couple more pics with baggage elements added.

A bit of blog pimping...Anne´s Double Triple Secret Give Away , being Held over at O´leary Miniatures with lots of goodies to be had and supported by Patrick Hatt of It´s Rhyme Time Blog.
One of the minis on Anne says, Sexy isn't she? And you want her, you know you do