Monday 13 June 2011

Medieval Levy 2 ( Strelets )

This and Medieval Levy ( 1 ) from Strelets are nice little sets. The spears are not joined to the sprue 3 - 4 times, an error which has put me off buying strelets sets. IMHO, they would mix well with the Scottish Schiltron from Strelets...all three sets being good examples of generic lower orders of hired rank and file.
They have that classic "stumpy" strelets look, which for a bunch medieval thugish commoners is great :-D
Hello to Jay from Jay´s Miniature Enterprises.....Jay´s just started out in the blogging world, but he already has a follower ;-D
Hello to Prufrock. He lives and teaches english in japan and has got a great blog, Here´s no great matter,  dealing with ancient wargames and minis...and some of the armies are HUGE! He´s at the moment rebasing 380 marian romans!!