Tuesday 31 January 2012

Medieval Bombard "Harlequin"

The titel is the English for this guns name. It´s original  name in French  is "Hellequin" (Arlequin), a black-faced emissary of the devil, who chases the souls of the dammned to hell.
The fact that the gun sends it´s enemies to thier doom and it´s muzzle is black is the reason for the French gunners  painting the carriage as it is and it´s "petname" name "Arlequin". The whole of the IVth cent French ordnance was nicknamed the Mesnée d'Hellequin, the household of hellequin, whose traditional colours are black and red, but the yellow and red colour scheme looked better.

I know the Flag is a (speculative) company flag of the French Ordnance but it looked a lot more colourfull than the individual unit flags.
Phew!!!! I almost believed my made up  historical background bumpf myself ! :-D
Real fact of the matter is..I saw this one...I liked the colour scheme so much..I had to have one ;-D

Hello to Broke n English...Your google friends link isn´t set up.
Hello to Jose  from Muñequitos de goma blog . An amazing collection of largescale "toy soldiers"

Sunday 29 January 2012

Town and County Levy (RedBox)

It seems that RedBox have really upped their game in the area of sculpting. This is the second set in thier WotR´s series and another good one.
The set divides into more or less two groups...the men armed with bows and the others with various edged weapons.
One complete sprue of the 4 sprues in the set.
The archers. I´ve painted them up as english archers so they can be added to the burgundian army.
The edged weapons group. The bod with the axe and the one holding the buckler up are ok, but the three with the pole arms are very nice, even if thier weapons are a bit long. . A couple of them will find a place in the next pike block.
A couple of ideas that redbox have included. The bod on the left seems to have brought all his bagge with him. The bod in the middle. When I first saw the scans of these I couldn´t make out what was at his feet...the object   turned out to be a sack of arrows. The last bod.. he carries not only a quiver but his bow wrapped up in a carrying bag. Wether they did this or not, I cannot say, but it´s an original idea.
All in all a nice set. Unfortunately  there is on one or two mold lines running down the middle of thier faces but the overall flash is minimal and the set mixes well with the previous Men-At-Arms and Retinue.
Hopefully this will be the standard of future RedBox sets and I hope they continue the WotR´s line.....some armoured cavalry, scurriers, gun  teams, arquebusiers etc would be nice....please :-D

Friday 27 January 2012

Atlantic Roman Chariot

I know...they didn´t use them for warfare and it looks way too fancifull for a battlefield anyway, but this set was one of my all time favourites some 30 plus years ago. I can still picture it crashing through the Airfix celts, who were being supported by Robinhoods men, atlantic greeks  and various other "they will do to fill the line" troops.

One bath in brakefluid, a new whip from a bit of copper wire and an acrylic paintjob. I haven´t added traces or reins...I didn´t want to make holes etc as the set can still be obtained..but only for silly money.

Hello to Landser83, from Oh! What a lovely war! blog  He´s only just started blogging but he´s done some lovely line drawings of WWII subjects.

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Medieval Washday

Or alternative Titel "over here big boy"
I´ve looked but I can´t find any evidence of them using..or not using washing lines but I suppose it would be the most obvious method to dry washing.
All bods from different Valdemar sets.

Monday 23 January 2012

Atlantic Greek Chariot

Not really up to todays standards..well it was released in 1977!!!
The set shown on PSR is the full booklet style box, I used to love reading the stuff inside!! :-D

The "chariots only" set. The painted bods on the boxart are definately the 1/32nd versions..the size of the moss in the picture is a dead giveaway.
Hello to Franck from  the Forgotten & Glorious Company of Art.   28mm WWI minis...some of them painted by Oniria..IMHO, one of the best painters in the hobby. 
PS, Franck, your blogger friends link is not on. 

And this looks interesting. It´s been running since the 1st of January this year. I haven´t heard anything about it anywhere..and even though I follow La Figoblogtheque, a vote for your favourite blog of 2011..

Saturday 21 January 2012

Khandibarian Camels

I really don´t like painting camels but it has to be done. :-D
This lot are  from the  Hat Taaishi Camelry and the Hat  Hadendowah Camelry
A trick. The bods aren´t that stable when glued on so I cut the end off a pin, about 1cm long and using a pair of pliers, pushed the blunt end into the saddle. The plastic is quite soft so it doesn´t take much effort.
A couple more conversions. from the esci Muslims set. The bod on the left will be usefull for shooting down from a building or from a rocky hillside
Hello to Duane. I´ve read on Paul´s blog,  Caliban-somewhen, that he´s asked wether you have a blog..if so do tell :-D

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Burgundian Heavy Cavalry

Only the Scurriers and some levy to get painted /converted and the army will be ready.
Nags and Bods from Miniarts Burgundian mounted Knights,   Zvezda. Italeri and  Revell.
Lances scratch made, flags etc from Dansk Figursspilsforening

Sunday 15 January 2012

Khandibarian Cavalry

There´s no Arab cavalry sets!!!!! OK, the airfix Arabs(Bedouins) set but you only get 3 riders and the nags need fixing to thier stands! So..a bit of converting is called for.
The Airfix bods are unchanged. The rest are from the Hat Numidian cavalry set with head swops from Caeser Arabs and Escis Muslims.  The bugler got a head and arm swop...

Flag from Warflag
Nags from different sets including Italeri, Zvezda and Hat
And a couple of infantry conversions using bods from the Esci muslim warriors set.
Body  swops
Head swop and a body swop

Hello to Kris..Aka Heisler...from Wargames and Railroads Blog. Not only does he do wargaming and scale railroads and his Fantasy minis are great

Friday 13 January 2012

Eastern house

A quick "how I make Khandibarian buildings".
Things needed. Woodglue, sharpsand, biro, sharp knife, setsquare, pins, paintbrush, insulating foam, brown and white acylic wall paint. I´ve decanted the paint into old washing up liquid bottles..much easier to squeete small amounts out. The push down caps cut out the unscrewing of caps or levering lids off.

Cut a square of polystyrene sheet. Cut strips of the insulating sheet and simply glue onto the square. The pins help to hold everything in place as it dries. The gold dome is an old plastic X-mas tree bauble cut in half,  I just added glue along the inside rim and put it in place. If you add a dome, remember to cut a hole underneath on the roof to let air in otherwise the glue takes ages to dry
Using a biro, draw windows, doors, brickwork onto the walls. Mix some sand and wood glue and using a spatula (lolly sticks are good for this) smear the mix over the walls.  It´s best to do only two opposing sides each time because if the mix is a bit runny or too thick and you stand the building up on it´s base the mixture will sag and run.
Mix some brown and white paint. Roughly  33% - 66% brown to white and paint :-D
Then another layer but with much less brown and finally a dry brush with just white......Cheap and cheerfull...and Finished. :-D     Just a mo!!!...those Khandiabarians have got hold of RPG´s and AK´s!!!!!!!

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Khandibarian Cannon and Foot Command

It seems pretty unfair that the Colonial army should have cannons and the Khandibarians not.
The crew are from The Caeser Arab Camel Riders and Bedouin set  the gun from the Revell Imperial Artillery set. 
Shiek  Yerbouti 

Hello to hipster,brah from Here is Blog . Nice articles on the care of "lawns" ;-D
Hello to Thomas from An Average Wargamers Blog..Wargames and minis in 1/72nd.
Bonjour to Hamster from Le dojo d´Hamstersamourai. blog . Vikings!!!!! The nude captive girl is..nice :-D 

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Monday 9 January 2012

Bowled Out!!!

My entry for a duel here at the Bennos Forum..The theme was "guarding a Wall"
I won this one but more for the humour than the actual painting . My opponent´s bods (Jan´s), are much better than mine.

Saturday 7 January 2012

Town In Khandibah

The start of a town in Khandibah. This one is called KhitKhat..I´ll add a couple more buildings, and get a few more Khandibarians finished and  then as Goldmember says in the Austin powers film "ze shooting can schtart!!! " :-D
Some Khandibarian sharpshooters
The Colonial army so far.
Hello to Clarke from Minismith´s Forge blog and (among others he runs) Minismiths Minis for E-bay.  Great painted  fantasy minis.His female Ghost banshee is lovely
Hello to Jason from Light bobs and paint blobs Blog.   His hail caeser game with the roman and gallic armies is very inspirational. His mate Ian thought so as well :-D